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The activities of the farm offer seasonable fruits and vegetables and they include the production of oil, wine and fruit jams, in addition to the breeding of pigs, sheep, goats and cattle.
The Baiacco family has always taken a strong interest in the meat of quality and therefore in the farm animals: Chianina beeves, sheep and pigs.

The family has always cultivated olive trees and produced an Umbrian extravirgin olive oil of high quality, obtained from olive trees selected during the time. Olives are harvested in the months of October and November and then they are brought to the mill to be crushed and worked. From the intense activity of the bees they also obtain honey and products based on propolis, a natural essence with a great curative power.
The farm has always been devoted also to the cultivation of fruit trees from which we produce delicious jams, protagonists of our breakfasts and some of our recipes. The delicacy of the fruit blends with the strength of cold cuts, cheeses and meats creating pleasing hints of taste and flavor for the guests of our restaurant.